How Can Virtual Assistants be of Help?

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With the rise of Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines, you would wonder what makes them so in-demand in the market.The increasing popularity of Virtual Assistants is widely heard nowadays. You wonder if outsourcing your workloads to a Virtual Assistant would be necessary If you still haven’t got an idea on how they can help you, better read on.

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant would help you save your time and money. If you are a business owner who hates having to handle the paperworks which are considered employee-related functions, then they are the people you need to call. You don’t need to suffer in these time-consuming and productivity-decreasing tasks when there are experts who can do these job and services for you. These proficient and skilled staffs offer the best solution for your predicaments, now that our world is more modern and technological.

Since there are projects that are seasonal, you don’t have to employ another staff in the office to do some of these things. You only need them to do specific tasks for a certain period of time. Unlike when you hire a regular employee for this, you will need an extra space in the office, and you will have to spend a bigger amount of money for health insurances and other benefits that they usually require. When you have a Virtual Assistant, those things would not cause you hassle anymore. You can hire them even at an affordable price.

If you have limited experience or management skills to do some of the business stuffs all by yourself, they can help you run it and be successful with it. They assist the business owners on matters where they are not really equipped with doing all by themselves, Business owners can make the most of their valuable time and resources if they can focus on the area of business that they excel at. Virtual Assistants can sustain your needs with their expertise in the field. A Virtual Assistant can help you in lots of ways—from information processing, website designing, email management, administrative works, file organization, making appointments, customer service duties, and many other possible areas of labor that they can possibly go into.

Go ahead. Give yourself a break from all the stress and burn-outs.Outsource your extra works to a Virtual Assistant to get the help that you need.

Phil Web Outsourcing on Squidoo

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Check out some of our lenses on Squidoo but first for those who are not yet familiar what is squidoo, here is how Seth Godin, creator of Squidoo says about it.

“Everyone’s an Expert (about something).

How do you get more people to visit your site?
or buy your product?
or donate to your charity online?

How do you get your ideas to spread?

If you work on the web, this is one of the biggest questions you wrestle with. It has led to SEO and to AdWords, to banners and to online copywriting, to blogs and to tags…”

And now it has led you here, to Squidoo.

In short, Squidoo is a free space on the internet that you can use to promote your page or any product you like. You can create a lens and start having a space on the world wide web.

Here’s one of our Squidoo Lens: check it out if you have time. And here’s another one

We don’t only create squidoo lens for our company but we also create lenses for our clients.

You can also start your own squidoo lens. It’s easy, fun and most of all FREE. If you don’t have time to do that for your business, we can do it for you for a very reasonable cost. Just contact any of our account representatives to get a quote or send us email to

Give Yourself a Break, Hire a Virtual Assistant!

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Management of a business or a company requires multitasking to meet the growing demands of the market and oftentimes administrative and clerical duties are put on hold until these grind the company’s operation to a complete halt. Seemingly unimportant small tasks can do great damage if left to accumulate and pile-up.

What’s the solution?

A new breed of labor force has emerged as the cycle of information technology continues its growth, included in this emerging potential employees are the virtual assistants.

These are individuals who offer to get done those accumulated little details which are a source of your company’s loss of profit. Getting your phone calls, reading and answering your e-mails, setting up appointments, organizing events, website maintenance, and other pesky little tasks you just can’t get done yourself because of other more pressing commitments.

They are also ideal solutions because you can hire them only when you need them. You can detail and specify the works you need to get done and get nothing less. There are no bureaucratic strings attached since they are off-site employees. They are also entrepreneurs like yourself who take pride in their work and so you pay them for a job well done. These are experts in their fields and you give yourself a break by hiring someone who is capable of performing your specified jobs for reasonable rates.

You can take that vacation!

It’s been quite a while since you’ve been out in the country or sunning in the beach. Now that you have a virtual assistant, you can definitely take that vacation! You don’t have to worry if the bills were paid on time or if important e-mails were left unread. You’ve made the right choice by hiring a virtual assistant.

Do You Reduce Quality with Outsourcing?

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The answer to this question could be either yes, or no or maybe. I think this is a particularly a loaded question that a simple answer of yes or no or maybe is not enough. Outsourcing is a very sensitive topic for a lot of people. There are some people who believe that outsourcing, is taking jobs away from qualified persons in the country while some believe that outsourcing is a good business practice. This article will speak about outsourcing and we will be dealing examples where we could say that quality is reduced as well as examples when quality is achieve.

Let us Define Outsourcing

This part will explain the most basic definition of outsourcing. Outsourcing is simply employing an individual or another company outside of the organization may it be international or domestic to do different task for monetary compensation. Outsourcing is usually done either on per project basis with a time frame or an ongoing basis with uncertain time limit.

For some people, outsourcing has a very negative meaning. They picture out outsourcing as employing not qualified persons in third world countries working for compensation which is below standards. Yet, outsourcing has developed so much and is no longer similar to this situation. In reality, many outsourcing takes place locally by confident entrepreneurs who work as self employed rather than working in a company. These entrepreneurs had the chance to enjoy the life they want, can negotiate fair salaries for the work they do and they can accept or turn down job at their own will. In addition, these entrepreneurs are usually qualified for the work they accept and they are capable of creating work of high quality standard.

When Does Outsourcing Reduce Quality

The answer to this question is quality is reduce when cost becomes one of the factor in outsourcing a worker. We know that this answer is not completely true because there are lots of educated and skilled workers outside of the country who are also capable of completing the tasks just like those who are living in this country and usually charge a lower cost. Still, when only local workers are to be considered and cost is the lead factor, quality is reduce by finding the most suited candidate with the lowest charge.

Nevertheless, it is a practice of an individual or a company to consider cost as more important compare to quality of work. When such situation took place, quality is usually reduced for the sake of large income. A good picture of this is usually seen on websites where outsourcing projects are being listed and freelancers submit their proposal with the corresponding amount for these projects. Many entrepreneurs who use these types of websites would normally choose the lowest bid without checking for the qualifications of the bidder. Most of the time, these entrepreneurs would realize that they made a wrong decision on making a choice when the output they receive is of low quality.

When Outsourcing Achieves Quality

Outsourcing does not always reduce quality. The truth is, outsourcing is not only an affordable option but it also provides qualified workers. One thing you have to do to avoid the downside of having quality reduce is to carefully choose the right candidate before making a decision to outsource a worker. This process should be done seriously as the output of your outsource employee will reflect on you or your company. If you do your selection meticulously it is possible that quality is achieved.

When you outsource project to an individual, it is necessary that you request detailed information regarding their experiences. You may ask for the individuals previous work history, related work experiences and details of qualifications. You may also ask for sample work and a trial period.

Moreover, it is clever to ask for a business and personal references. You may contact all these references and asked about the work performance and personal attitude of the individual.

Why It Is Necessary to Hire a Web Developer

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Mostly online business entrepreneurs start a business without capital. They work alone in the business such as, preparing the product, working on the marketing strategy, creating a website to market their products. As the company grows in time, they would realize that their simple website is not enough to handle the demand of the business. They need more time to dedicate for expanding the website.

Does this sounds familiar? Might be that you are one of those online business entrepreneurs who started your online business with no capital too and that you are in doubt in spending your money for work that you could do yourself. Still, there is more reason why it is necessary to hire a web developer than just finishing up a work that you can’t do.

When you hire a web developer to do the work for you, you are not only transferring some work to someone else, you get more than that. By simply paying a little amount of money, you can let your web developer do all the thinking and be bothered about anything that have something to do with you website design. This way, you are now more focused and have enough time to spend on the core aspect of your online business.

Also, the web developers that you hire are professionals, thus expect them to do good on whatever they do. When you outsource web designs to them, you don’t have to worry if some problem occurs as you can always rely on them to fix the problems. Being expert in this field, they can easily identify the problem and they can fix it faster than you can probably do.

On the same time, their output will be more professional looking compare to what you can probably achieve as they have been doing this for quite some time. This web developers do their work for a living, thus expect them to be good!

Therefore, always remember to not just work your business but you have to expand your business too!

The Truth About Outsourcing in the Philippines

September 25th, 2008 sysad 1 comment

Whenever we talk business, we always think of profit generation. Business can be in a form of goods and/or services to the population. The major factors affecting how a business is planned are usually

  • The size and scope of business
  • The sector and country
  • Limited liability
  • Tax advantages
  • Disclose and compliance requirement

Business can operate by hiring manpower locally or through outsourcing. Enormous number of industries today is doing big business through outsourcing. Although not all services can be outsourced, it becomes a key strategy in almost all companies because of its competitive advantage. High level of English language proficiency; a consultative, customer-service-oriented workforce; and high-quality, low-cost labor are only some of genuine advantage when outsourcing in Philippines.

Philippines currently takes leverage on top of the international map of IT outsourcing and is eyed to be the next outsourcing capital.   You can outsource link builders, data encoders, virtual assistants, content writers, web developers, and graphic artist in almost all Philippines SEO companies at a low price but of high value service. Some Philippines IT companies even offer tryout service totally free of charge.

Every business investment carries a lot of menace. Markets, economic condition, competition, government policies, technology rapidly changes. Chasing the outsourcing trend is a smart strategy for an economy. Compared with capital-intensive manufacturing, outsourcing businesses are inexpensive to set up, and can breed a hundred times additional jobs for every capital invested.

Virtual Assistant for Hire

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Outsource your office and management support duties to a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is an independent service provider who work home-based or in the office. A Virtual Assistant operates virtually taking advantage of the technology such as Internet, email, telephone, postal mail and courier.

In the advent of Internet technology, communication made our lives more comfortable. You can talk or meet up with anybody and everybody all over the world using instant messaging, email, audio and video streaming. This is the same as having a Virtual Assistant. Your employee can be in another state yet can still meet your needs though she is just right beside you. You might probably not be able to meet your Virtual Assistant in person yet she can handle your business like your personal assistant or a business partner. Virtual Assistants can work as Customer support, Online Secretary, Researcher, Travel Planner, Transcription or Personal Online Organizer

Philippines as third English speaking country has more than a hundred of BPO Companies that bid Virtual Assistant for Hire. These companies have a 24/7 client support to make sure that your business operations are running efficiently. They also provide high skilled professionals with excellent oral and written English, computer literate, Internet savvy, above average IQ and can work with minimum supervision plus the price tag is easy on the budget. There are also Project Managers in attendance during the shift for project administration assistance to make sure that your projects are well executed. This service is absolutely free.

So if you need a Virtual Assistant for hire, consider outsourcing in Philippines and I guarantee… you can never go wrong.

Discover the Benefits of Outsourcing Content Writers

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Are you planning to have an online site of your company to promote your products? Do you want the website to be something very unique and catchy to the readers?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you may consider having not just an ordinary website but a website that do not just have fluff, instead something that carries great information about your company without really looking as pushy as it may irritate the readers.

The question is how would you exactly come out with that website? Simple, the answer to that is outsourcing a content writer who would give you all the necessary information that is needed in your website.

1. Professional writing

Admit it or not, writing can be a daunting task and not all people are given with the gift of writing. That is why it will be very beneficial for you to find content writers for hire who really knows how to write professionally.

Content writers are expected to write lively and creative information even to the dullest product as they know the exact words to use and they write error free articles that definitely will transform to sales in just a matter of days.

2. Do other important things

Another important benefit of having to outsource a content writer is that it allows you to do other important things for your business. This is very important especially if you run the business by yourself or even if you are running more than fifty to hundred people under your wing. There are just many things to do and if you will be the one to manned it all, it will be hard for you to focus on writing that is why it is always recommended that you leave it to professional content writers to do the writing job for you.

3. New ideas

Web content writers can write new ideas about your business or company as they may have a more creative and fresher mind to write about your business. Sometimes, if you’ve been working for years in your business, you tend to do things repeatedly that somehow you develop a “stale feeling” for doing mundane things everyday. To avoid this, outsourcing content writers are necessary to give new perspective for your business.

4. Cheaper cost

Yes, you may hire a staff writer to do the writing job for you but do you think that is cheaper? No, actually if you combine all the cost of hiring a staff writer, you will be surprised to see that it is quite expensive in maintaining staff writer.

Outsourcing a web content writer can be a lot cheaper than what you think; you will definitely save more if you outsource your articles.

Freelance and ghost writers for hire who write professionally are always available as they are always ready to write professionally looking articles for you.

5. Boost your sales

By outsourcing a content writer, you are assured that these writers really knows how to get the attention of the readers or internet surfers. You don’t have to worry if there will be people who would read your site because this writers are keen readers themselves and they know exactly how your products or company will get the attention of the readers.

You will be surprised that after a few days, your sales are doubled because of the articles that your writer have done for you.

Now, you may ask if it’s really necessary to outsource or not to outsource web content writers. If you really want to be successful, your answer should be definitely yes.

The Benefits of Outsourcing in Philippines

September 14th, 2008 sysad 1 comment

There are many reasons why companies outsource different jobs. One of advantage of doing this is because it saves time and money. Many of the companies nowadays that provide outsourcing services are able to do work for a better deal and doesn’t need to provide benefits to their workers with less overhead expenses to consider and worry.

Thousands of highly intelligent people graduate in different IT field each year engage in SEO outsourcing services. Some works in an Outsourcing company and some are working home based. Almost all of them speak English better and have huge desires of making big money in a short period of time. The phenomenal growth of BPO’s in the last 10 years has given them the chance to realize those dreams. With this, they can work not far away from home and can even earn more than those who are working eight hours in the office.

Philippines as the third english speaking country is best known for outsourcing services. Filipinos are more versed in english compared to other outsourcing countries like India and China. They always value work, can easily understand instruction and can work on long hours in a cheap but highly productive mass output.

PhilWeb a Business Process Outsourcing in Philippines offers exceptional service and maintenance for your online business with 24-hour client support team to assure that your business operations are running smoothly. Philweb Outsourcing services also provides highly skilled professionals for a minimal cost. There are also Project managers assigned during the shifts to provide project administration assistance to your agent, to ensure projects are well executed.

Philweb Outsourcing Services is exceptionally different from other BPO’s it’s because they offer trial service to client absolutely free. They can provide services for content writers, web developers, virtual assistants, data encoders, webmaster services, link builders, and graphic artists who are among the best in their selected fields. You can check their website at for details. You can also chat with the account representative thru Yahoo and Skype or call them at +6382-2752339.